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Why Seek Typewriter Repair?

Typewriter repair is a worthwhile investment, because with expert typewriter service and maintenance, a typewriter can remain functional for decades or even generations. In an era where most machines are virtually disposable, typewriters remain an exception. With expert maintenance and care, a typewriter can remain functional for decades or even generations. Far from being relics of the past, typewriters are still very useful business machines for a variety of applications. Professional typewriter service can ensure that a machine stays in excellent working order and it can also restore long abandoned devices to their original state. The majority of them can be made to work like new, regardless of the state in which we receive them. It is definitely worthwhile to fix up your old machine.

There are a surprising number of old typewriters still in use in homes, offices, and institutions. They are very handy for institutions which require the use of certain forms in duplicate. Quite a few of them are used by writers, for whom the satisfying feeling of tapping out keystrokes on a genuine typewriter is far superior to the quiet click of keyboarding on a computer. There is something about the permanence of putting words directly on paper that really gets the creative juices flowing. (And in case of errors, we have replacement correction tapes too!)

Interestingly, antique typewriters have acquired a certain cachet among today’s young adults who grew up using only computers. They are more tangible and visually appealing than PC’s, giving them a nostalgic charm, much like vintage vinyl records have in the digital age. An old typewriter has a retro appeal that has led to a resurgence in sales of vintage machines. Whether they are actually used for typing or as a cool decorating prop, typewriters have come back in style. That old office machine gathering dust in your attic or office storeroom might just be worth more than you thought. Give it to a relative, use it yourself, or put it on display – just don’t leave your old typewriter to rot. Restore it to good working order and give it a second life.

Why Choose PTC Select for Typewriter Service?

In a word: experience. PTC Select was originally founded as the Peoria Typewriter Company over 90 years ago. With nearly a century of repairing typewriters in Peoria and Central Illinois, the expertise at PTC Select is unparalleled. Even as the company expanded into Information Technology (IT) and sales of leading computer products from leading companies like Hewlett Packard, PTC Select chose to retain their typewriter service division to offer the full range of business technology support. Typewriter repair is a highly specialized field, and the technicians at PTC Select pride themselves on the quality of their work.

It is not recommended to open up your typewriter and try to fix it yourself, as they have a large number of moving parts. Nor should typewriter service be entrusted to a computer repair tech who has no background in working with typewriters. The two are completely different machines, and the complicated design and construction of both manual and electric typewriters requires years of experience to properly diagnose and repair problems. Few experts in the field remain, and we are proud to continue our decades of service to the Peoria and Central Illinois community.

What We Do at PTC Select:

At PTC Select, we service all brands of manual typewriters and electric typewriters for personal and business use. Bring us your IBM, Smith Corona, Brother, Olivetti, or Royal for an inspection and estimate. We can provide any service you may need, from simple maintenance of a machine that is currently in use to restoring an antique typewriter that has been neglected for years.

Count on PTC Select for all of your typewriter needs. Some of the most frequently performed services include:

  • Ribbon replacement
  • Cleaning
  • Oiling and lubricating
  • Adjusting keys and hammers
  • Metal work
  • Parts replacement
  • Sourcing hard-to-find components
  • Full restoration

We are happy to provide additional typewriter services as well. Many of the necessary replacement parts are no longer manufactured, but we carry a large inventory to ensure that we are able to fix virtually any typewriter. When your typewriter needs repair, PTC Select will expertly service your machine. We strive to offer our customers a quick turnaround time on all service. We understand that you don’t want to be separated from your trusty old typewriter, and we will do our best to return it to you promptly. Your typewriter deserves the best: repair performed by the experienced technicians at PTC Select.

Other Services Offered by PTC Select:

The origins of PTC Select are in typewriter repair, but today we are a cutting edge company offering a broad spectrum of business services and solutions. As much as our customers are attached to their typewriters, we understand that a modern company also needs the speed and power of computers to grow and thrive. Clients come to PTC Select when it is time to buy HP computers, manage corporate networks, upgrade software, and obtain professional administrative and consulting services. We also offer managed IT and print solutions, as well as data recovery, network security, and DesignJet repair. We provide high quality computer server repair and computer repair in Peoria IL. When all of your IT needs are being managed by the experts at PTC Select, you will have more time to focus on your business.

Trust PTC Select for reliable, affordable, and courteous business solutions. We have been helping businesses in the Peoria and Central Illinois area for close to a century; find out what PTC Select can do to help your business succeed. From typewriter repair to installing, servicing and maintaining your IT infrastructure, the certified professionals at PTC Select can handle all of your needs.  Call 800-225-2320 for a free consultation regarding typewriter repair or typewriter service.